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Book Review: Faithless

Mamma Bear Book Review *A bear trundles in with a book under one, fuzzy arm* * I received a copy of this book in exchange for a fair review.* Ivan might be a "finder," but now that the Holy Grail is in his paws, a whole cast of supernatural forces are out to find him ... and to wrench the relic from him through any means necessary. The game is afoot, but what's a finder to do when his allies, his enemies, and the fabric of reality cannot be believed?
Faithless is a part of a series about Ivan, a "finder" who battles supernatural forces to find, recover, or destroy powerful items. Though part of a series, the book gives enough clues as to Ivan's past for the reader to dive in on his new adventure. Which seems simple. Ivan has the Holy Grail, and the powers  that be, ALL the powers that be, want to own it. Very quickly, Ivan becomes the prize in an all out battle between God and the Devil. They can't take it unless he gives it over willingly,…

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