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Book Review: Barsk: The Elephants' Graveyard

Mamma Bear Book Review *A bear trundles in with a book under one, fuzzy arm*  I fell for Bask at a science fiction convention in Seattle. I'd heard about this "Elephants in Space" book, so when the author's reading popped up on my con schedule, off I scampered to hear more. Not five minutes into the reading, I knew I had to have the book.  Not only is Schoen a marvelous literary performer, but his characters seemed to live and breathe through distinct dialogue and backed by a crazy interesting premise. As soon as the reading ended, off I went to pick up my signed hardback  It came with a beautiful postcard of the cover with this slogan on the back: Prophecy. Intolerance. Loyalty. Conspiracy Friendship.  A Drug for Speaking to the Dead.  Also Elephants, in Space.  Bask quite happily delivered all of the above and more. The story follows an uplifted elephant or Fant named, Jorl, who is one of the few of his kind that is adept as speaking to the dead through the use …

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