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BOOK REVIEW: Breed To Come

Mamma Bear Book Review *A bear trundles in with a book under one, fuzzy arm*  I suppose I should begin this particular review with a caveat. I am an enormous Andre Norton fan. You might go so far as to say Norton worshipper, but that's probably too personal to share online. :) I have a dedicated "Norton shelf" in the library, and I'd be very, very hard pressed to give any of her books a less than stellar review. So, take this one for what it is--I make no apologies.
As much as I love Norton, and have found many of her books that featured sentient animals delightful, I had no idea that she'd written a fully furry book until I picked up Breed to Come. It had been languishing on the Norton shelf for awhile and because of the 1970s abstract cover (not the one pictured above) I had no idea what a glorious find it was until I began reading. 
Breed to Come is set on a post-human Earth. Due to some virus or plague, the humans have all skedaddled, though there is a proph…

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