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Book Review: The Dolphins of Altair

Mamma Bear Book Review *A bear trundles in with a book under one, fuzzy arm*  A vintage, pulp style science fiction read, The Dolphins of Altair, is set in the nuclear age when human experimentation with animals is at its height. The military is neck deep in attempting to train and weaponize dolphins, and the dolphins have had enough of that. 
The story follows the few special humans who can hear the cries for assistance of dolphins who are not only descended from alien beings, but also distant cousins to humanity. The small band of dolphins and their human allies plot to stop the mistreatment of their kin, free the captive dolphins, and secure a peaceful future. 
Unfortunately the plans get out of control, and before they know it, humans and dolphins are in a war that could devastate the entire planet. I thoroughly enjoyed the book, and though I didn't find the ending completely satisfying, it was tidy and followed well from what came before. The Dolphins of Altair is a fun, pu…

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