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Book Review: The Bug Wars

Mamma Bear Book Review *A bear trundles in with a book under one, fuzzy arm*
I found The Bug Wars by Robert Aspirin in the local second-hand shop, and snatched it up for a couple of reasons. I'd read Aspirin in the past and loved his Myth series, and also there's a giant wasp fighting a lizard on the cover. Win-win. 
The setup for Bug Wars is pretty classic scifi, military group of lizards attacks planet infested with wasp aliens and one unit, our heroes, is shot down and left behind after the battle. Now the lizards must survive on a hostile world until their army returns... if their army returns. 
The leader of our little band of lizard men has to keep his people alive, assess the situation on the planet, keep his status in the face of dissent and mutiny, and contend with hostile alien insects. Bug Wars is not exactly a character driven book, as an action packed military style scifi, but it does a fantastic job of putting the reader inside an alien mind. The L'vrai are hi…

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