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Book Review: The Tale of the Order of the Blue Maiden

Mamma Bear Book Review *A bear trundles in with a book under one, fuzzy arm* Epic fantasy with furry characters makes for a creative and entertaining story in Al Romero's The Tail of the Oder of the Blue Maiden. In it we meet Ayan and his family, bound servants to a sadistic noble and yet possessing an interesting and secretive history that tells you right from the get-go things are not what they seem.  Our hero is a tailless scamp who excels at getting himself into trouble.  Around him we find a charming cast of species from rodent to lizard to wolf, and a series of enchanting and highly original settings, mythos and conflicts. 
Ayan longs to be a knight, but a religious law strictly forbids anyone without a tail to carry a sword. Despite this, our hero manages to wiggle his way into the castle, meet the blue-haired maiden of his dreams, and launch himself and his friends on a quest to rescue the girl, save the world, and possibly change the future.  There is a lot going on in …

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