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Book Review: Redwall

Mamma Bear Book Review *A bear trundles in with a book under one, fuzzy arm*  Brian Jacques' Redwall series is likely one of the most read furry classics and is a well-loved saga that I'm afraid to say, did not win me over nearly as much as I'd hoped. Most reviews are split on this one and I knew that going in, but I did my best to read with an open mind. In fact,some of the things reviewers said originally seemed ridiculous to me, until I read the book. More on that later.

Redwall is the first book in Jacques epic series of wayyyy too many books. That's personal bias, folks, because I like a nice round trilogy, or at the outset maybe a series of five. Sue me. I have commitment issues.

In this book and abbey of rodents is besieged by the ever so evil rat, Cluny the Scourge. Thanks to a prophecy and a legendary tapestry, the tiny mouse, Mathias, is thrust into a journey that allows him to step into the mouse hero, Martin The Warrior's shoes and save the day.

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