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Book Review: Warriors 1- Into the Wild

Mamma Bear Book Review *A bear trundles in with a book under one, fuzzy arm* Erin Hunter's fiercely popular middle grade series, Warriors, features warrior cats living in battling clans in the forests just outside our society. In book one, Into the Wild, we meet Rusty, a discontent house cat who just knows he is cut out for more... which of course, he is.  Rusty joins the wild cat clans and becomes FireHeart, and the book follows his introduction to warrior cat life, the members of Thunder clan, and their relationships and ongoing battles with the other cat clans.  Thunder clan is full of new friends, new rules, tests and a few well-placed enemies. 
Hunter does an incredible job of writing feral animals. She's woven a complex societal structure that, while it's middle grade, still managed to keep this adult reader's interest. As an adult reader, some of the plot threads were pretty obvious, but I believe the target audience will find these books to be fresh, engaging…

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