Day One

My Dearest Tillie,

When will you be arriving? You know how I idle, in particular after a long sleep. It takes more than the whiff of honey to pry me from my musings and solitude, but yesterday I took your advice. Your not-so subtle prodding, combined with your impending move to the area, gave me courage and I ventured forth for the first time in too many days to count.

How did it go, you wonder? My dear friend the hermit has mustered her forces and braved the outside? Amazing. What wonders did she see? What interesting animals did she meet?

Let me disappoint you gently.

It was not the social extravaganza you might have envisioned. Dear Tillie, I only wish you had been there, if for no other reason than to share my embarrassment. I know, I know. It was bound to happen. I scare too easily, etc. Still, had you been in the wood alongside me, I believe I may have remained out and about for more than a brief scamper.

You guessed it, Tillie, I no sooner saw another animal and I made a rapid retreat. Amidst a flurry of pathetic excuses, I might add. Tragic social flop, that I am. But I'm sure it's possible no one took me too seriously. Maybe, they didn't even notice my flight.

So you see, you can't get here soon enough. Your home is vacant and waiting, a cozy affair that you are certain to love and near enough the den that I should be a fool not to venture at least that far. I implore you to hurry. Not only do I grow lonely, but I obviously need your assistance, companionship, and of course, your magnificent nut teas.

Hurry, friend.
An Impatient Bear


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