Book Review: Off Leash

Mamma Bear Book Review

*A bear trundles in with a book under one, fuzzy arm*

Daniel Potter's urban fantasy series opens with Off Leash, which opens with the main character waking up as a cougar... and gets wilder from there. I really loved this ride. The pace is fast and the characters are intriguing, but mainly the book reads like a well-crafted urban fantasy romp with enough furriness to keep me very happy. 
In Potter's world magical familiars are a hot commodity, and cougar is a powerful familiar that, of course, everyone wants to get their *paws* on. Our intrepid hero, unfortunately, only wants to go back to being a human and reinserting himself into his ordinary life... which really was never as ordinary as he believed. 
Off leash has animal characters galore, including a pyromaniac squirrel that made my day. It also has witches werewolves,  rednecks, and a lot of fun. It kept me spellbound and immediately made me run out to buy the next book. 

Mammabear gives it a happy five claws. 
The main character is real and well flawed but also infinitely relatable. The side characters are wonderful, quirky, complicated and all have their own secrets. Character is one place that Off Leash really hit all the right buttons.
World-building: The world is pretty straight forward urban fantasy, though there are some original twists that I loved. The familiars and the way they are dealt with gives this series its unique twist.

Fast-paced but with room to breathe. Off Leash is definitely a can't put down read and has no problem hooking the reader, keeping them, and carrying on through to the final explosive climax.

There's so much to like about this book. It was a fun story, and full of twists. The real shiny for me were the relationships the protagonists formed both good and bad and the amazing cast of way out there characters and critters.



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