Award Season For Furry-Lit

Get Your Vote On!!

I've heard it said that the literary arts are the great unknown in the world of furry. Considering how many amazingly talented authors we have, and the long history of mainstream fiction using anthropomorphic characters, I find that pretty sad. 

* Sad bear sniffles. *

One great way to support the bookish end of furry is to vote for you favorite books and authors in the Ursa Major Awards. Okay, the best way to support furry-lit is to READ FURRY BOOKS. But after you've done that, then leave a review, then nominate and vote for your favorites in the Ursas. 

That's a longer to-do list than I meant to give you. My bad.The point is, at this very right now moment, the Ursa Majors are open to voting. Have you cast your ballot for books??

Just follow the bouncing bear.... or maybe click the link. 


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